Sunday, September 5, 2010

We took the puppers out for walks down town Chattanooga. We all had a great time watching the people fawn all over the Danes, There are so many outside eateries to crowd through and loads of people to meet! We found a nice spot for photos... still working on the posing in a new spot, camera man, dogs and myself (as I hate having my pics taken) but after a few times I think we will get some great pics... I will share a few so ya'll can see how we improve...LOL

Thanks for checking out the happenings of our tribe!

Tobi and Thea in a large crowd...can you say yes they are both great danes, yes they come in that color and yes they have two different types of ears ... A 1000 TIMES... LOL It is one of my best times with these guys, talking to people about the Great Dane!!!

Tessa and Phoebe

She just wanted to take Tessa home with her!!!! LOL
Big hug good bye!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great Dane National 2009



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Cow Killer

Rossy found this cool looking wasp called the velvet ant or cow killer on the back deck. It's sting is sooo painful that it can kill a cow with one sting!!! Not a good friendly!

Mackenzie's new puppy Rossco P Coltrain

Rossy out for a walk!!!
Walking is for the birds!!!!
Who's idea was that anyways!?!?!?

Trip to the Aquarium...

Outting to Chickamauga Battle Field